Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society

SKMC Fall 2016 Race Updates

UP DATES FEB 15th 2017t

Hi all, i went over the entire course and am happy with what is set up. The 8 hour event should be challenging.  Come to the pre event meeting at 7 30 am and the start will be 8am with everyone finishing by 4pm .  Start and finish is the Mackie shelter.  Directions are on the Directions Link.     NEW , we were ask to also set up a one map option for those who did not want to try all 3 maps.   If you would like to try just one map, you can start any time from 9am to noon.   Your cost is just 20 $ . 

UP DATES  Jan 1st 2017

8 Hour Navigation Rogaine , Saturday  March 25 , pre event meeting at 7 30am and  starts at 8 am and finishes at 4pm.

Find as many of the controls or flags in the woods as you can in a 8 hour period .  The person or team that finds the most controls in the least amount of time will be the winner.    We will have awards for both male and female solo winners in 1st place and you may do the event as a 2 person team.  We will have awards in 1st place for MM, MF and FF divisions.   Driving directions to start location which is the MACKIE shelter are on the Driving Direction link on the left.

To Register for the Navigation event , please click on the registration link on the left.

Event will challenge all.   I will have some easier controls out there to find but I also will have some harder controls out there.  Some maps will be very challenging .

Start location is on our Drivings Directions link. Mackie Shelter.    You and or your team will be coming back to the Start location 2 different times during the 8 hour event .  This means you can store water , Food, clothing at the start location shelter.

If you are a beginner but would like to come out and challenge yourself .    I can put on a beginners map and compass clinic.   This clinic would be the Friday evening before the event.   However you would have to contact me at andygmac61@gmail.com to register for this clinic.   The clinic would be free, however I would need to know that you and or your teammate are coming.  Time would be listed here in the future.  Probably like 3pm to 4pm Friday , March 24th.