Wisconsin Adventure Racing Society

SKMC Fall 2020 Race Updates


Up Dates Feb 2020   Please come back to 

this link once we get closer to race date.

Please read all of these Up Dates below. 
  A few key points.  Make sure you have a 
rear bike light , the red flashing type is best., 
We want all racers to be safe on the road.. 
 Make sure you are wearing a Bright top.  
Red, orange, or bright green is best.   Also
 look over the Gear list.

We will be hosting a FREE Navigation clinic
 for all beginners on Friday late afternoon
 Oct 16, the day before the race
  I will narrow the time once we get 
  closer to race date.    Just let me
 know if you or your team is interested
 in this at 

If your team does not have state of WI trail
 passes for the Mt. biking, we will have 
  them at the race meeting.  Trail pass is 5$    
  Because you will be parking your
  vehicle on State land.  Your vehicle 
will also need a day pass.  If you need one, 
we will have the passes
 there also for 8$ in state and 11$ out of  
state.   Thank You.  The WARS team.